Company Profile - Business Excellence through people development

ABM was established in 1989 and for the past years the focus of ABM was to assist companies especially in the manufacturing industries to achieve business excellence.

ABM is an intervention consulting company that follows a holistic and integrated approach. In essence this means that we become directly involved with the client in:

  • Implementing a company assessment to determine the enabling factors as well as constraints within the company that influence the company to achieve their growth and profit goals and objectives.
  • Develop a business strategy and suggested intervention development plan which will focus on: - Organizational related constraints. - System related constraints. - Employee related constraints.
  • Develop and implement outcome based training and development programs on all levels. Implement and facilitate
    a process of continuous improvement throughout the company.
  • Develop and implement international recognized quality assurance management systems.

We also have available multi-discipline teams of consultants that will be able to address the various constraints and needs and will ensure that value-engineering targets are met within the agreed budget and time frames.

We also assist the company to obtain approval for the various DTI financial support packages for such an interventional development program.


ABM do not believe in training packages. Materials and programs are customized after an in depth analysis was done to identify the constraints and needs within the client company.

Our programs are interactive and participative in nature to ensure maximum learning and behavioral change.

Our highly qualified and experienced team consist of different associates that is a specialist in his or her field to ensure that the needs of the client is satisfied. Through a network of local associations we remain abreast of latest developments.

Our operational teams are structured to suit different cultural and language needs.


Our approach is based on a set of ideas and values as well as a philosophy of Integrated Management and value adding interventions.We are proud in what we are doing and achieving. We strive to assist and equip our clients to meet the challenges of the future.

Our Developmental interventions:

As agreed with the client the development plan can include the following:

  • Change management processes[click here to read more]
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Re-structuring of management and operational levels
  • Adjusting operational manufacturing processes and benchmarks
  • Production planning systems
  • Outcomes based training programs on management and
    operational levels
  • Development and implementation of integrated international accredited quality systems.[click here to read more]
  • Quality Management systems
  • Setting up of Learnerships

Our client base:

Our clients are from a wide spectrum of industries

Some of our clients:

Alert Pumpmor [Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of sludge pumps.
CEM Bricks CC-Manufacturing of cement bricks and pavers.
MJN Manufacturing CC-Clothing manufacturing.
Venture Peguform [Pty]Ltd-Manufacturing of bumpers for the automotive industry.
San Fook [Pty]Ltd-Manufacturing of electrical stoves.
Tau Ying Manufacturing [Pty] Ltd -Manufacturing of paraffin stoves.
Ligia Paper Industries [Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of paper towels
and toilet rolls.
Eve Gold Jewellery Manufacturing [Pty]Ltd-Manufacturing gold chains for the export market.
Sunny Pack Manufacturing [Pty]Ltd- Manufacturing of packaging materials.
Digigraphix [Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of printed marketing panels.
Trident Press [Pty]Ltd -Printing and binding media.
Printbind [Pty]Ltd - Binding of printed media.
Roman Bay [Pty]Ltd- Abalone farming.
Marifeed [Pty] Ltd - Manufacturing of dry abalone feed.
Invisible card Company[Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of scratch telephone and mobile cards.
Aqua Mall [Pty]Ltd - Manufacturing of luxury boats.
Homsek [Pty]Ltd - Processing and manufacturing of fresh milk and milk related products.
Laser CNC [Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of laser cut components.
Fercon foods [Pty]Ltd -Packing of raw and processed meat products
Breede River Fruit Processors [Pty]Ltd -Manufacturing of fruit puree concentrate.
Columbia [Pty]Ltd - Manufacturing of masonry building products.

Accredited training provider:

As an accredited training provider we ensure that the learning programs and training interventions are aligned to the NQF education system and relevant unit standards .Custom based training/learning programs can be submitted to the relevant SETA to obtain skills program approval or accreditation.

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